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Dear friends!

I wish my email finds you and your family fine!
I find your email address in a website concerning the Worker Sect (2x2s) and I decided to send you an email! I’ m sorry but my english is not very good :)
My name is Abel-Anastasios Gkiouzelis. I’ m from Athens, Greece and I was born in 1981 in the Worker Sect, in the lying “Truth”.
My parents were born in the Worker Sect, too. When my father was 26 years old he was a “Worker” but after some months stopped from the “Work” and married on 1980.
I have 10 relatives in the “Work” and 3 relatives “X-Workers” who stopped going to meetings. Also I have and 2 died “Workers” relatives. In our home here in Egaleo, Athens for over 30-40 years have Sunday morning meeting, union meetings, Thursday afternoon meetings and on Sunday afternoon hymns. And many times “Workers” from Greece and other countries sleeping at our home.
Here in Greece, on 1985 in the Convention of Inoi many families stopped going on the meetings because two “Workers” (my relatives) crawled for who will become the head of “Worker” in Greece. So, head of “Worker” in Greece became the “Worker” Peter Bill from Switzerland.
I was born and raised in the Worker Sect but after much prayer and soul searching I find that the Worker Sect founded 1897 and it’ s one of 30.000 new Protestants heretical sects which founded from 1517 until today. The first Protestants left from the Roman Catholic Church on 1517 and the Roman Catholic Cristians left from the Orthodox Church on 1054.
The Christian Orthodox Church is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ and His Apostles on 33 A.D.. Also, the Christian Orthodox Church has the Apostolic Succession.
The Christian Orthodox Church is also called Eastern Orthodox Church, Orthodox Catholic Church, Orthodox Church and Orthodoxy!
(But, please be carefull: Christian Orthodox Church is not same with Coptic Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Churches, Church of Armenia, Oriental Orthodoxy and Eastern Christianity, that they are also called Monophysites, Koptes and Chalkedonians and they are heretical false sects because they left from Christian Orthodox Church on 451 A.D.)
So after much pray and soul searching I find the really Truth in the Christian Orthodox Church! And on 2001 (20 years old), I baptized Christian Orthodox here in Athens! And on 2007 (26 years old) I became a monk and now we are building a monastery near Athens and I’m really very happy!!
Sometime if you visit Greece I will feel very happy to meet you! I love all members and x-members of “Friends and Workers-2x2s” and I pray to return toward the Orthodox Christian Church of our Christ!
Next days I can send you my story how I left from the Worker Sect and how I desided to be baptized in the Christian Orthodox Church! It was very difficult for me because I was born in the Worker Sect and I really hated the Christian Orthodox Church…
There was a need Jesus Christ did a small miracle so as to believe in the Christian Orthodox Church. I said to Jesus Chirst «If You exist really and if You tell in Holy Bible “If someone knocks Me I will open him” give me an answer where is the Truth. It is in the “Workers” or in the Christian Orthodox Church? And if You give me an answer I will not deny You!». And really He open me the door and now I am to His Home, in the Christian Orthodox Church! If you want so I will send you my story!
Here is an interview of me in a Christian Orthodox Radio of Crete, Greece. My friend John Koukourakis who work in this Radio asked me to tell him about my change from 2×2 member to Christian Orthodox Church. But the interview is in greek language. If you have a greek friend maybe he can translate it in english to you:
Also, I send you some websites and YouTybe videos about Christian Orthodox Church in english language. How they became Orthodox Christians!
FATHER SERAPHIM BELL (02:30 fr.Seraphim Bell speaks english)


I also send you some Orthodox websites! If you want so, you can talk with an Orthodox Father.
Also, If you want to go in an Christian Orthodox Church near your town tell me the name of your town and I will tell you where you to go!
USA – ARIZONA (If you want go there and talk with Father Ephraim)
(If you want go in the St. John the Baptist Monastery and talk with Father Zacharias. The address is: St. John the Baptist Monastery Old Rectory, Tolleshunt Knights by Maldon, Essex CM9 8EZ United Kingdom)
I wish the best wishes to you and your family and I will feel happy to receive your email!
I will feel very happy to hear about you!
I don’ t Know you but I really feel to Know you!!
With love of Christ,
Abel-Tasos Gkiouzelis

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